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ANTIETAM: Digital download mp4 and.pdf 

6 WI advance on South Mountain.jpeg

6th Wisconsin advance on South Mountain

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Special offer for Antietam, The Documentary Film and The Antietam Effect:

an analytical anthology of the Maryland Campaign.


For a limited time we are offering the Antietam Effect pdf and the mp4 movie together. These two products really belong together. The movie, narrated by James Earl Jones, is the most comprehensive film available on the Maryland campaign and the Battle of Antietam. Most of the scenes were filmed on the actual battlefield, using high-quality, vetted and trained re-enactors. The action was captured on 35 mm motion picture film and then transferred to digital high-definition. The hour-long version is being offered in High-def mp4, for the first time. 

The companion book, The Antietam Effect, offered as a .pdf, is the perfect accompaniment to the mp4 movie. In this thoroughly researched anthology, historian and film-maker Bradley Graham explores the backstory of the Maryland campaign of 1862, challenging many of the myths and controversies that emerged from the bloodiest day in American history. In keeping with our motto, History You can Use, The Antietam Effect illuminates the many ways we can learn from the events and people of that time. It takes the most time-honored myths to task, rooting-out where they came from, why they were promoted and believed, and what they say about us as students – and descendants – of our own history.

CS aim in Sunken Rd.jpeg

CS aim in the Sunken Road

Package deal for Antietam book & movie DIGITAL (revised).jpeg

Lee at Keedysville makes the decision to stay and fight

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