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Siege of Petersburg title image ALPHA.png
Two Union officers look over captured earthworks.jpeg

Two Union officers look over captured earthworks

Petersburg map showing siege lines.jpeg

Petersburg Map showing the siege lines at Petersburg

One of the longest sieges in world history comes to life with “The Siege at Petersburg”. Historians Chris Calkins and David Finney provide their extensive knowledge of the siege, starting with the Union investment in the summer of 1864 and carrying through to the breakthrough in the spring of 1865. Poignant vignettes illustrate the hardships of trench warfare, the field hospitals, and the ongoing contact from the pickets along the lines, to the relatives trying to reach family relations on the other side. The story builds to the eventual success by George Meade’s forces, routing the Confederates from their defenses, and the retreat and chase to Appomattox.

The Siege at Petersburg; standard definition, 52:00 mins.

Chris Calkins.jpg

Chris Calkins

David Finney copy.jpg

 David Finney 

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