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Antietam Effect book cover - 3D, facing slightly left ALPHA.png
The Antietam Effect - title image - ALPHA.png
Lee at Keedyville (Book image 1).jpeg

R.E.Lee: Keedysville, September 15, 7:00 am
Lee makes the decision to stay and fight at Sharpsburg.
Why? See Chapter 5: Rhythms of Command

Map option 1.jpeg
Map option 2.jpeg

Dozens of original maps and graphics,
like the Lee illustration at left.

Sumner vs Brown.jpeg

See Chapter 6: Anatomy of a Crime

Antietam Effect Pricing lines box (revised).jpeg
Praise for _The Antietam Effect_.jpeg
Magazine cover - Perkins vs Meddaugh.jpg

The shooting by Antietam veteran Hugh Perkins reimagined as an adventure magazine cover in the 1960s
See Chapter 7: Combat, Chemistry, and the Code

Antietam Effect Pricing lines box (revised).jpeg
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