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Union advances at Second Manassas

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So long and intense was the American Civil War that some of its battlefields were visited twice by the contending armies, and vicious battles were fought out again on the same deadly ground. The most famous of these dual-battles was Bull Run, known as “Manassas,” by the Confederates (for the railway junction there). A complicated action, with both sides operating in distinct, separate wings, the Battle of Second Manassas covers this intricate engagement in colorful detail. Historian David Finney sets up the complex command structure of both armies, while his commentary and the animated maps bring clarity to the confused nature of the fighting, a thorough treatment of the battle, its outcome, and consequences for the rest of the war.

The Battle of Second Manassas; described by historian David Finney; standard definition, 55:00 mins.

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David Finney

Manassas Map

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