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Fredericksburg, A Documentary Film, is the complete story of the Union army's attempt to force a river crossing in front of the town of Fredericksburg, and dislodge the Confederates from their defenses, which would have opened the road to Richmond in December 1862. It is a unique film for a unique battle, featuring the riverine assault by the 7th Michigan Infantry, house-to-house fighting in the streets of the town, and a massive assault by dense Union formations on the open ground leading to the base of Marye's Heights.

Fredericksburg features a number of historians with expertise on the Fredericksburg area campaigns specifically. Many of the scenes, including the river crossing and the rebel defense of the Sunken Lane, were filmed in the actual locations where the fighting took place.

On Bluray HD DVD and downloadable in HD as an .mp4. Running time: one hour and 20 minutes, stereo sound. The Bluray contains two special features and trailers from other programs. The downloadable includes one extra feature.

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