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The Reenactors

The Reenactors is a documentary with a heart. It takes a comprehensive look at Civil War reenacting as a sociological phenomenon. As such it does not limit the viewer to modern-day “weekend warriors” and their fascination with a war from 150 years ago. It looks at family life, and the domestic battles that are often waged in order to leave home to attend events in far-away places. A Confederate reenactor is captured in his home life of western Virginia – following him as he leads a most unusual roundtable: a discussion group made up of prisoners in a state penitentiary. The northern reenactor is equally colorful, believing that he has a mystical connection with a veteran from his hometown of Bath, Maine. These men fight, and meet, on the field at Gettysburg, the battle providing a huge backdrop to the experience of these men who seem to be caught in the wrong century. Narrated by Gerald McRaney (Simon and Simon, Major Dad), “The Reenactors” is a two-hour adventure into the dual half-life of dedicated reenactors – living in the world today, but with one foot planted firmly in the past.

Media Magic Productions, LLC

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